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RU, KZ, UZ, AZ, BY, KG, AM, GE, TR, ID, IN, EU (upon request)


Partner payouts

With each sale, the partner receives 60% of the total revenue amount


Wide target audience

The item on the website are suitable for an audience of any gender and age

World Wide

World-Wide delivery

Parcels are delivered anywhere in the world within 60 days

Average Income

The average income

The average income per system is approximately $80 per 1000 unique visitors



We accept everything, the best converters are YouTube and social networks

Statistic Up

High % of repeat purchases

Thanks to a well-developed range of item and the gambling component of the offer, users make an average of 3-4 purchases on the site.


Items in the form of lootboxes (boxes)

Upon opening the crate on the website, the user receives a random gadget that they can order for delivery by mail

We recommend using the free box as an effective tool to drive traffic to your landing. Below is an example case of driving traffic to through the free box.

Drive traffic to through the free box

Funnel through Telegram chatbot

Why should you drive traffic through the free box?

Free site test

The user can spin the roulette without any investment and familiarize themselves with the site's mechanics.



If a user opens the box and places an order for delivery, you gain a loyal customer + revenue from the shipment order.


Motivation to register

To receive the free box, you need to register on the website.


Resale of item

If the user is dissatisfied with the item they received, they can sell it and receive $1 in their balance. Subsequently, having these funds strongly motivates users to top up their balance, as many prefer not to leave money received "for free" unused.


Good drop

The items in the box are selected to maximize user interest in opening a paid box next time.

Below, we propose a working scheme with the distribution of promocodes through a chatbot with very good results.

Funnel scheme

Detailed description of each item in the scheme:


Advertising campaign

Set up the receipt of the free box only by using a promocode. Advertise the free box on all advertising platforms (such as Facebook, targeted ads, YouTube, social media, etc.). In the advertising announcement, include a link to the free box.


TG Channel

To receive the promocode, the user needs to message the bot, and they are immediately added to the database for future mailings.


Free box

After clicking the link from the advertisement, the user is directed to the page of the free box, but to open it, they need to enter the promocode, which the bot automatically provides in Telegram.


Mailing to the database

By sending daily newsletters to the user base, you can additionally monetize users. As practice has shown, such newsletters work very well and allow you to recoup traffic x2-x3.

An example of statistics from one of the partners working on this scheme:

Traffic from Instagram

For this type of traffic, you will need to create a new page on Instagram for your store with thematic design (logo, description, website links, etc.). On the page, you can post promotions, user reviews, advertising memes, etc.

Drive traffic to through the free box:


Page design

On Instagram, we create and design a page for your store. In the page description, include a link to the free box and a promocode for its opening (previously set up to open the free box only with the promocode). more


Free box

After clicking the link from the store's Instagram page, the user lands on the page of the free box and opens it.


Advertising campaign

You can place advertisements for the free box on other pages or in targeted Instagram ads. more


Pay box adverts

Then, all you need to do is post stories and posts with advertisements for paid boxes, promotions, giveaways, as well as promocodes for the free box and customer reviews.

The second drain option - using a similar funnel as with the chatbot. The only difference is that in step 3 (see the funnel on Telegram above), the user receives a promocode on your store's Instagram page instead of from the Telegram bot. Then, you monetize subscribers through advertising posts and stories.

The landing workflow:

Advertising campaign

The landing features boxes with valuable gadgets inside. Upon opening the box, the user receives a random prize from the set. The prize received by the user can either be sold back to the website or delivered to the nearest post office  By selling the item back to the website, the user will receive bonus money credited to their balance, which can be spent on opening other boxes.

According to statistics, more than 90% of users sell the item back to the website.

*Note: in our example, we use the landing currency - dollars. Depending on the region, the cost of delivery and the resale value of the item from the free box may vary.

For each opened box on the website, the partner receives 70% of the earnings, except for openings using bonuses. When ordering a package with the won item, the partner also deducts 70% of the cost of the item. The cost of ordering the package for the user is $3.5, from which the partner also receives 70% of the earnings.

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